So, you’d like to know a bit more…

Then grab a chair, a cold kombucha, and don’t mind me while I dust off my soapbox.

We believe:

  • strong, healthy families are key to a vibrant, peace-filled world.
  • happiness is hard to find by ourselves.
  • meals should be shared and enjoyed, creating community.
  • laughter is vital for good gut health.
  • your gut health affects your mental health.

Think about how many people today are finding themselves with dietary restrictions which were nearly unheard of just a couple of decades ago. We’re convinced that our ancestors, who fermented foods on the regular, knew something we don’t. Or maybe its something we are just plain ignoring.

Looking for real change in your life? Want to build better health?
Start fermenting now!

Eating and taking in the nutrients that provide energy and become the components of our bodily structures is essential to sustain human life. Studies prove that fermented foods provide the necessary good gut bacteria to help digest and properly absorb those nutrients.

The American diet is killing us, people. We eat fast, empty calories far too often and forget that our food is our body’s fuel. I know we’re not the only ones guilty of neglecting our health by using coffee and sugar to get energized. The success of Starbucks and Red Bull proves it.

Well, now that’s all in the past. Moving forward, guess who’s coming to dinner? Bacteria!

Even the youngest among us will be starting important health habits.

The Grandkids

I’ve always said anyone can make food taste good but a true food artist is one who can make people crave healthy food. So that’s one goal.

The other is to make eating together a priority and invite friends who become family to join us.

We love kombucha, sauerkraut, cheese, wine, beer, and sourdough bread. But did you know chocolate and coffee can be fermented? Yeah, I squealed just a bit when I heard this too. There are so many ways and even more foods to ferment. We’re on a journey to find them all. Even if we have to pave some new roads on this journey, we ain’t sceeeered.

Won’t you join us as we ferment all the things?!