As I write this most of the world is on lockdown because of COVID-19. I apologize if you’re reading this months or years after we’ve emerged from our caves, reintegrated into society, and you’ve just been triggered. I can’t imagine the changes that will come because of this crisis. Few of us can.

What I do know is, the future will be what we make it.

Life’s difficulties have a way of either defeating us or teaching us. We get to decide which.

As we “shelter-in-place” –  which is the term being used out here in the Texas Hill Country – I’m pondering how prepared our family was for something so catastrophic to hit the economy. If this continues for a few more weeks I’m sure we’ll all be fine. But what if it takes months for the all-clear to sound? What would happen if this remained our reality until the end of the year? Don’t get me wrong I honestly believe that Texans are a hardy bunch and we’ll all pull on our Tecovas or Ropers and shovel our way out of this s%@t fairly soon. But the “what if’s” still nag at me. 

For me to deal with this situation well I feel best when I can analyze it and create a plan for the future. I’ve started saving organic seeds as I said in my last post and that’s all well and good. But what about the worldwide flour shortage? Who would have ever thought that the flour shelves would be emptied? I didn’t imagine it could happen.

Half of the world seems to have started making sourdough bread this month while they panic about how to get more flour. The other half is enjoying their butter-slathered sourdough blissfully unaware that it may be their last piece for a while. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I want to live in a world where I can’t stretch, fold, and shape loaves daily. It’s become my therapy!

We’ve felt it necessary to make a few large purchases of flour over the last couple of weeks. So far, the flour from a local bakery, Easy Tiger, was the easiest to procure but not flour I’ve ever used. I’ll let you know if I love it. Another of the purchases is from Central Milling and that order has been delayed slightly but tracking with FedEx now says it should be here at the end of the week. Here’s to hoping. The third order was actually purchased first on 3/16 from a food service company. It is the brand and type of flour I was most excited to receive but it is still “in processing.” Yet, I’d rather it be delayed than canceled altogether.

Am I the only one wondering how much land you need to grow your own wheat?

This whole thing – mandatory isolation, lack of touch, fear-mongering media, social distancing – is cramping my style. How about you? How are you holding up?


I'm on a mission to create and promote gut-friendly food that is nutritious and delicious. Making food taste good is rarely difficult but making food consistently healthy and crave-worthy, well that takes effort. Food isn't neutral. Either it's helping or harming us. My goal is to create a table filled with real food that helps build a happy and healthy community.

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